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Pi R Squared Consulting is a Digital Marketing and Brand Consulting agency. Any Business can improve their bottomline by using our digital marketing strategy because we show you how to turn your products into revenue. We challenge you to move out of your circle by adopting digital marketing. We help you leverage your business resource to gain more success. Our innovative approach creates a continuous improvement of online experience for your existing customers and potential customers.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing a website and it’s content in a way so that it will receive more website traffic from search engine result pages. We create organic traffic by implementing on-page SEO best practices to rank higher for specific search terms related to your industry.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the marketing strategy that uses helpful, engaging content that is interesting to the target audience in order to increase brand awareness and perception. We help you to achieve your goal by engaging with prospective customers by creating blog articles, images and infographics.

Brand Visibility

Branding is a process, not a project. We help partner with you to convey who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your audience. Whether you're a small business owner, a non-profit, or represent a larger company, we help you to create great rapport with your audience.

Online Presence

A website is only as good as its content. That's why we take time up-front to make sure that your content and message delivery are spot-on. We also make sure that the user's experience is one that will be intuitive, interactive, and therefore engaging.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the art of tapping into the conversations that happen on social network for marketing purposes. We help invest heavily on multiple platforms so they could reach right set of customers. Different platform cater wants of different and unique customers.

UX / UI Design

The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your brand and your product. We can help you build the layout, the graphics, and the messaging that together build an experience that leads to conversion.


We found Pi R Squared Consulting to be very professional and efficient.They were responsive to requests for changes, and always ready with tips and suggestions for improvement. Thanks for the great job.

Rohit Tambat
N-Tara Technology

Pi R Squared Consulting designed a website which captured and reflected our work . They have continued their relationship with us by providing digital marketing service with very impressive response time and excellent advice and support.

Sunil Kappen
Climbing Goat Event Solutions

Pi R Squared helped us design an amazing corporate logo and created a new brand identity. The advice and expertise that I experienced from the design stage till completion was supportive and competent.



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