Basic SEO On-Page Optimization Factors

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Basic SEO On-Page Optimization Factors

SEO has evolved from simply getting found on search pages to how users engage with your content. SEO is much more than optimizing for search engines. You need to optimize for your users first and foremost when they do a search, eventually click to your website and stay there. To keep your visitors glued to your site, ensure you’re content is relevant and personalised. WE need to also ensure that the website is easy to navigate and intuitive. Never make visitors look for what they need. Provide clear Call-to-action button, and you’ll convert those visitors into contacts.

SEO can help your business get good rankings and land on the front page of Google search. Google uses many factors when ranking websites so there’s no one trick that’s going to keep your site in the No. 1 position. You need to focus on creating original content that’s relevant to your readers. It also helps to have social media content linking to your website. Whether you’re creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, or anything else, look for topics and keywords that are currently trending.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization simply helps website or web-pages to be found by search engines for words related to what the website or web page is offering. It is to be done smarty to get best possible hits to the website through search engines.

It involves developing and optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in the search engine.
Understanding of search algorithm and optimizing your content as per that.
How Search Engine works?

Crawling: Search engine software crawl all the web pages linked to a website.

Indexing: After fetching all the pages through crawling, these pages are indexed in the database for future retrieval.

Now what happens is interesting, let’s take an example of Google.

When you make a search on Google “what is SEO” Google compare your search string in its database. The database keeps many results that may match to your search string. But based on search engine rank, the best match appears first followed by the rest on the search result page.

Search engine updates their algorithm regularly. You will have to keep a watch on it to bring your website or web page up in the search result.

How to improve Search Engine Rank?

On-page and Off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Link building
Using right keywords
Managing crawls

On-Page SEO

It involves working on your website by putting relevant content, decreasing page load time, give appropriate HTML tags.

Content marketing

The first part is much simpler and process oriented the other part is a gradual process.

Why do we do SEO?

Let’s understand the same in a layman’s language via THE SEO STORY, exceperts in this thread and the Google already explains otherwise.


Assume that you have been invited to a wedding, at a palace, but you don’t know the exact address of the palace, However, you know the landmark. how will you reach there?

Right! You will reach the landmark and ask the people around.

Now when you asked someone, you came to know that it is one of the most exquisite places in the town.

After listening about the place, you are excited to reach and experience the place, also it created a superior brand image for the host.

How does it relate to content marketing? Host is your brand, you- the wedding attendee is the customer, marriage palace is the product, Landmark is your Google – search engine, and “most exquisite place” is the search result due to your content marketing.

Outcome of content marketing or SEO:

Superior brand image.

Product awareness. SEO is less expensive, it puts your company’s name at the center of the discussion, it entices people to interact with your brand.

“SEO is the best way to increase organic ranking and get maximum reach

Robots.txt:- Robots.txt will play a very important role in getting your web pages and content crawled by Google Bots. We can hide a particular portion of content from search engines with the help of Robots.txt file.

Add Social Media Buttons in Appropriate Positions:- Adding Social media buttons is an On-Page SEO Technique which helps your readers to share the blogs easily. If users find our blog useful, the next moment they will search for share buttons.

Featured Snippets:- Featured Snippets was the topmost and latest On Page SEO Technique 2019. Featured Snippets are providing special results even before the #1 result, of search results for a keyword.

Keyword Density:- In earlier, no one uses to maintain the Keyword density properly. Many search engine optimizers use to stuff the keywords, mainly primary keyword beyond the density.

Start Making YouTube Videos:- YouTube is the second biggest search engine and very trending these days.