The Process of Building a Websites

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The Process of Building a Websites

Users moving away from the traditional desktop or laptop computers and adopting tablets and smart phones.

The internet world is rapidly changing with many users moving away from the traditional desktop or laptop computers and adopting tablets and smart phones. With that changeover, many new different design challenges are taken into account by developers when they build websites.
These simple phases in a website creation have a lot of importance.
To save you from a website dud, let us take you through a journey. All that’s involved in making Website Design & Website Development Strategy.

A website is your online home and a great website helps you with building an online community


A start without research can lead to increased budgets, lack of productivity, disorganization.
Take the case of a building. You can’t build a skyscraper in UAE without foundation, architectural plans and firm engineering. Same is the case with a website. Research provides a seamless start to digital goals.
Now you must be thinking where to start researching and referencing for a website.
The beginning point of it is to set Goals. You might want to drive in potent leads, or generate online branding or both. One reason could be charting out the ideal customer behavior after visiting your website. Either he should fill the contact form, or book a package online or place a query.
Identify the ideal user journey. How he should respond to your website. Building up user connection is the first step for effective web design and development strategy.
Things to note while doing Research :

  • Identify the purpose of the website
  • Know more about your Target Audience
  • Set the customer expectation
  • Furnish your expectations to the digital agency


Some people may wonder why use planning after loads of researching in step one. But as digital marketing experts in South India, we know the inevitability of planning in a successful website generation.
Here, all the pains you took during research, information gathering and knowing the customer will be used to develop the site-map, its topics or subtopics. This will take you one step closer to the user experience.
You involve the web development company in dubai with your research, your ideal buyer’s demands, expectations and site navigation plan as well.
You also prioritize your back end technologies for website development during this phase.



Here comes the phase where you will see how your website is shaping up. It includes shaping up look and feel of your website. The actual relevance of User Experience comes to the picture in this stage.
How navigation is designed? The nature of your product / service, colour schemes, logo usage – all should combine together to create the best digital journey for the customer.
In the first phase of designing, a web designer will provide you with a wireframe prototype of home page, inside pages and its overall look. This phase gives the mere ideas a perfect visual shape.


To transform your website’s prototype images into the real website, you need the support of web development. This is an actual phase where website is actually created.
The technical web designers use the visual and graphic elements of a website prototype and use them to create a functional site.
Starting from home page to inside pages, the whole website is completed technical. Forms, Content Management System or Shopping Carts are then made functional in this stage.

Testing and Delivery

Even after the website is complete from the development front, still you can’t term it complete. Reason – it’s not TESTED.
Testing gives your website a final functionality review of pages, forms, and backend scripts. Browser compatibility is also checked during the phase for website’s proper visibility upon every click.
Nowadays, we offer mobile visibility optimization as well.
Remember, don’t hurry up to bring your website LIVE. The testing phase removes the scope of any hindrance on any user’s visit and assures seamless web experience. Accomplishment of this fact completes the website development. Well, Almost! As the vehicle with which the website will be visible on the global scale, i.e. SEO backend work completes the website. This is a long-term process that aims at organic ranking of your website on search engines. After all such efforts, finally, you can say hi to the world with your website.


Now, once your website is complete is NOT the end of the process. Website is a dynamic tool that requires proactive support from digital marketing agency based out of south India as per the changing times. You might require , page additions or blog postings. To keep the dynamic nature of the website, ideally customers like you take a website maintenance service. These are the phases which assure you of steadfast success on the search marketing front. But before going to hand over a web development project, choose the best digital marketing agency in pondicherry for your company. Trust your instincts and go for nothing but the best.

Isn’t it a nice way to look at web design and development in Pondicherry? What else do you think should be a part of website designing? Share with us your words in the comments section below.