Optimizing Site for Mobile Usage

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Optimizing Site for Mobile Usage

A great place to start your mobile marketing is with a responsive design for your website,e-mails and landing pages. Responsive design is a modern approach to web, e-mail and landing page design that ensures your content is readable and consumable on any device,such as your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

74% of consumers searched on mobile using a search engine before making a purchase.

The number one reason to include responsive design in your creative and marketing strategy is to create a consistent and engaging user experience. You want your customers to feel a connection with your brand on your website, across your e-mail campaign, and on your landing page, no matter what device they use.  

 Responsive design makes your marketing look good across all devices, and ensures your marketing message is front and center. According to a survey, 50% of mobile device users reported making a purchase in a browser on their mobile phone. Your website is a critical conversion channel even on a mobile device, so it is important your website is properly optimized. By designing your website to be responsive, you have control over how your conversion elements look on each device.
 Most search engine, Particularly Google prefer responsive design. Responsive design not only provides better user experience, but it also makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index  and organize your site.When you have a responsive website, your URL and code is the same across all devices. If you create a separate website with new code for your desktop, tablet, and mobile sites, Google has a difficult time properly indexing. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to be increasingly mobile-friendly, so as a marketer you must stay up-to-date and mobile-ready. Mobile research starts with a search. According to Google, 74% of consumers searched on mobile using a search engine before making a purchase.By having non-responsive design on your web properties, you are at a serious disadvantage compared to your competitors.
 Responsive design is actually very cost effective. Because your website and emails fluidly change based on device and screen resolution, you only have to create a single option. In the past, before responsive design, you were required to create a website for desktop, a website for mobile, and so on. By using responsive design, you only create one version of each property, therefore saving valuable money and time.