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Frequent Updates with Less Text

In today’s world, Content is the fuel for your lead generation and all your marketing campaigns. That is why “Content is King” . But getting the content machine up and running is tough. The main reason or challenges faced by content marketers are the lack of budget, resource shortage and the time to implement a content strategy. But, by learning to leverage the resources you already have and doing more with less, even marketers with limited resources can create content that can generate demand.

65-90% of the buyers journey is complete before he or she even reaches out a sales person.

Today’s buyer is different. A pitch or a cold from your sales team is the not the first contact your buyer has with your company. Due to plethora of information available on the internet, your buyer has already completed 65-90% of the research. So it means that 65-90% of the buyers journey has already completed even before making a call to your sales team. So it is the job of a marketer to help your customer self educate through their buyers journey. High quality, educational content makes you a trusted resource for the buyer. It helps your brand stand out from the noise and it also reduces the perceived risk for the buyer because you are creating a lasting relationship. Many marketers believe that creating content is an uphill task. so, where to start a content marketing strategy?

The first step is to create the perfect content team. The people or person who will manage, create, curate and distribute your content to rest of the marketing team. Make sure that whoever who the content creation be a content consumer, a good communicator, and a excellent project manager. You can also incentivize your team for getting more quality content in the form of e-books, white papers, blogs.
 The second step is content planning. Now that you have a team, you need to have a plan. What are you going to create, when will you launch each asset, what will be frequency of your asset creation.  To plan your content it is necessary to understand your buyers journey and buyer persona. Buyer persona is a fictional profile of your customer. In most cases, there are are more than one persona. A buyers journey consists of the steps that your persona takes before he or she makes a purchase decision. The best way to create a buyer persona and journey is to set up interview with the following people: current customers, prospects, former customers.sales team and customer service teams.
 The third biggest challenge in creating a great content  is to generate ideas on a consistent basis. Understanding your persona and walking in his shoes throughout the buyers journey gives you a added advantage when determining what topics to write about.